2019 a new year and new beginnings

Happy New Year everyone. Goodness knows what 2019 holds for us all. Brext, Trump, a Chinese economic slowdown, the European Parliament elections for the other 27 EU countries and much more besides could lead to economic turmoil and a recession. Equally everything could work out just fine.

No matter in which industries or sectors we work and whether we primarily work with our hands or our heads, success or failure will largely remain entirely in our own hands.

Can I remind you all that as a community we have members with many skills and incredible talents. Collaboration and working together not only helps keep us all in work but it boosts our local economy.

Keep up the craic and good luck in the year ahead.

1 thought on “2019 a new year and new beginnings

  • Happy new year Mark! Just getting back into things here after a break over the festive period. Look forward to catching up at some of the Highland Craic events, and while the year ahead will be challenge (then again, there are always challenges and opportunities), I am still looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings!

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