Welcome to Highland Craic

Welcome to Highland Craic. We are an online community for business owners and managers in the private and third sectors and decision makers in the public sector across the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

All across the north of Scotland, from Unst in Shetland in the north to Stirling and Perth in the south and from Campbeltown and Tigharry on North Uist in the west to Keith in the east, people are running successful, often small businesses in remote locations. Frequently they have few opportunities for regular contact with fellow business owners and we at Highland Craic aim to provide them with the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with their peers.

Those of you who trade in rural communities or are from rural communities elsewhere throughout the United Kingdom, are welcome to join us. You face the same obstacles in the day-to-day running of your business or organisation we encounter in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

You are welcome to join us for free as a Graham member. If you wish to support our work, we invite you to become a Donald member if you are a sole practitioner, a Corbett member if you run a micro or small business, or a Munro member if you run a larger business or operate in the public or third sector.

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